Alaska's Grizzlys

To come face to face with one of the most awe-inspiring predators on the planet is truly one of the greatest adrenalin packed photography experiences you can undertake. Lake Clarke National Park gives you a true sense of the Alaskan wilderness, with towering volcanic mountains forming an immediate backdrop to the tidal marshes, streams and pristine salt-water bays which comprise the coastline and is one of the premier Grizzly bear viewing areas in the world. We have timed our trip to coincide with the Salmon migration through the estuaries and creeks which attracts this beautiful Bear to these coastal regions. We will go out looking for fishing bears each day under the expert guidance of some of the best guides in Alaska and the photographic opportunities will be endless. To photograph Grizzly Bears in some of the most beautiful surroundings is one of the most rewarding experiences a wildlife photographer can possibly do.