Black bears and divers

Minnesota is a US state justifiably famous for its northern boreal forests and associated lakes. These wonderful wildernesses are home to many iconic species and this trip, initially pulled together with the help of local photographer and Natures Images guide Stan Tekiela, will focus on two of them.

For the lakes part it is the Great Northern Diver as we call them in Europe, but the Common Loon as it’s known here – a bird of a familiar yet haunting call and which will be looking after their young on an array of lakes and using low-level boats we will be able to photograph their parenting at a number of locations. For the forests, it’s the Black Bear and a location where mothers have been bringing their cubs to feed for decades, and with the chance of males on the scene as well, the encounters and photography can be equally spectacular.

This unique combination offers a real chance to capture and experience some of the essences of northern US forest wildlife.