Shetland summer

The Shetland Isles in summer is one of the most dramatic and inspiring locations in the British Isles, and a great place for wildlife photography in the so-called simmer dim that these long days offer.  This trip consists of a dramatic programme which includes the splendour of locations such as the awesome cliffs of Hermaness, the photographic pleasures of Puffins on the island of Noss, two private early morning trips to photograph diving gannets around our boat, a full day stalking Otters and an array of other bird species to be sought out including many specialists to these islands including Red-necked Phalarope, Black Guillemot, Arctic and Great Skua, Storm Petrels, Golden Plover and Whimbrel.

It will be a jam-packed ten days looking to take full advantage of the settings, subjects and potentially stunning light that can be found here at this time of year.