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A selection of galleries that portrays birds of different habitats and places from the cold of the arctic to the tropics and rainforests of Costa Rica. 

Birds of the forest

A selection of images of birds across Europe that inhabit forests and woods from the great Boreal forest of the north to small deciduous woodlands in the UK

Arctic birdlife, Svalbad + Norway

A selection of images from trips to Svalbad and Arctic Norway.

Urban birds

Right under our feet, in some cases almost literally we often tend to ignore the urban environment as one rich in birds. Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt, though almost certainly at our peril.

Uplands and moorlands.

Probably my favourite habitat, often bleak with few birds, but those few are very special indeed!

Loch, lake and river.

Inland and coastal waters provide a wide range of birds in the UK.


Our coastline features rugged cliffs, sandy bays and storm lashed beaches. The birds found here are perhaps our most seasonal with huge cacophonous citadels in summer to lonely seaducks in the bitterest cold of the winter. 

Wetlands and estuaries

With an amazingly long coastline the UK has some of Europes most important esturaries such as the Severn, the Wash, Humber, and Mersey, the list is a long one.

Birds of the farm

Farmland is a varied and unique habitat that can be rich in birds though many modern farming techniques seem to be doing their best to reduce thier avian populations. Many of these birds are found nowhere else in the Uk and must have invaded our islands as we used axe and fire to remove the wild wood.  


Owls fascinate us, perhaps its because we see them far les than birds of the day, or because they are firmly instilled into our folklore. This gallery displays a range of British owls.

Icelandic birds

I have always been fascinated with northern lands and their birds. A recent trip to Iceland simply reinforced my love of these cold, often bleak but spectacular lands.

Lake Hornborga + The camargue

Lake Hornboga in Sweden and the vast wetlands of the Camargue in southern France are special places. Cranes and flamingoes  are enigmatic and emblamatic birds of Europes dwindling wetlands.