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Small, numerous, the drivers of all our ecosysytems, incredibly diverse and often evolutionary aged, and lastly amazing!


We tend to think all moths are creatures of the night, and mostly thats true though we do have quite a few day flying moths.


The gorgeous creatures of summer.

Dragons and damsels

Odonata have become very popular with wildlife photographers in the last decade or so. Their stunning colours, a complicated and exciting life style and rapid flight all combine to make this group of invertebrates fascinating.

Flies, bees, wasps, beetles and ants.

Groups of inverts that are often overlooked though we are now awakening to the plight of bumble bees.

The underwater world

Many of us probably spent countless hours as kids investigating the life of our local pond yet as we mature we forget those magical moments. Over the last few years I have spent a few weeks each year working with these small but fascinating creatures.

British herptiles

The UK does not have the bewildering number of species that tropical countries may boast but those few species that we do possess are special, common frogs, two species of toad, three lizards and three snakes. Snakes are not too everyone's taste but over the last ten years we have woken up to their place in the natural world and their intrinsic beauty. Hopefully long-gone are the days when they were killed on sight as dangerous.