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I have a number of popular slide shows which I regularly give to local RSPB-Bird clubs, Natural History groups and Camera Clubs. It may be possible to tailor a slide show to your specific requirements. If you have any ideas along these lines please use the contact page to discuss further. My fees are not excessive and would be no greater than £90 plus 30p return mileage from Sheffield. If you would like to book a slide show please use the contact page. I would be very pleased to hear from you.

  • Derbyshire/Peak District Wildlife/Birdlife.
  • A Birder's Florida.
  • The River - a photo essay following a river from its source to the sea.
  • The Changing Seasons-Wild Year (Yellowstone, Hungary, Bulgaria and the UK).
  • State of Nature - 2013 report that reviewed the status of UK wildlife, success and failures.
  • Scotland-the very best of UK Wildlife, Speyside, Shetland, Mull, The Uists.
  • Africa-Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and S Africa.
  • My most recent work and trips, the talk is created annually and is ideal for Photographic Societies
  • The Farm, wildlife on the UK's farms
  • The Wood, wildlife in both the coniferous and broad-leafed woodlands of Britain
  • The Garden, a look at how successful Britain's gardens can be for wildlife.
  • Coast and Island, Britain has an incredibly long and wildlife rich coastline with numerous islands close to its shore.
  • A photographer abroad, pole to pole, well almost!
  • The City, urban wildlife in the UK.
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