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Workshop dates


·  Are you interested in learning some of the skills needed to become a wildlife photographer?

·  Would you like to pick up field skills that you can use to take better images of British wildlife?

·  Is the conservation of the animal or plant important to you?

If you have answered yes to these questions then one of my individual or small group workshops may be ideal.

Examples of Workshops

Each workshop is designed to meet your individual needs. This could simply be to spend a full day working with me on one specific animal or plant. However you may like to spend a longer period of time working on a number of species or visiting a specific area. You may want to reduce individual costs and book the workshop for a small group of your friends. During each workshop you will have my full attention for the full day. Before we actually spend time in the field we will discuss your own needs in terms of the type of image you are looking for, the level of field skills you would like to acquire and how much tuition you may want with your camera equipment.

Individual or small group Workshops

One of the themes that runs strongly through my work is the conservation of the animals or plants that we will photograph. I work with a number of conservation organisations and during my degree I specialised in British wildlife conservation. In some cases you will meet key people such as wardens during your workshop and you will learn about some of the conflicts that ethically aware photographers have to take into consideration when working with British wildlife.

Each workshop will vary during the year. Many species are best photographed during certain months.

You can buy a workshop for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member. If you would like the latter I can supply a gift voucher in a card which makes an ideal present. 

You can pay for your workshop on the payments page.   


For a full day individual workshop, £200.

For 2 people, £120 per person, for 3+ £100 per person.  

These costs are based on one day's workshop. There are no additional costs if the venue is within 60 miles of my home in Sheffield. If however I need to travel beyond this distance then a small petrol charge will be added. Please ask when booking and this will be clearly displayed in the costing before you commit your deposit. I require a 10% booking fee paid in advanced and the full fee paid one week before the agreed workshop date.

I am very adaptable and if there is anything you would like to ask or you have any species you specifically would like to photograph please contact me by phone or email and I may be able to organise it for you. I am able to organise longer workshops. For overseas visitors I can organise a week's wildlife photography in either England, Wales or Scotland to include all transport, meals and accommodation. If you have any specific requests or would like a quote please do not hesitate to contact me.



Natures Images

Each year I lead a number of trips for the UK's premier wildlife-photography company, Natures-images.  To book and find out more details contact Natures-images using the following link

Trips in 2020 with Nature's Images


Shetland's otters, 15-22 Jan


Florida's birds, 29 Jan - 8 feb, FULL


Black bears and divers, 13-22 June


Madagascar 11 - 22 september




Trips in 2020 with Nature's Images

Yellowstone winter, January


Finnish winter 3-9 April


Indonesia, 12-26 April


Iceland, 1-12 June


Shetland summer, 20-29 June


Bosque del Apache, 4-12 December


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barn owl 18873
barn owl 18874
barn owl 18875
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barn owl 18877
buzzard flight
kestrel male
long eared owl 18878
long eared owl 18879
long eared owl 18880
long eared owl 18881
long eared owl 18882
merlin male 18883
merlin male 18884
merlin male 18885
merlin male 18886
merlin male 18887
sparrowhawk male 18888
sparrowhawk male 18889
sparrowhawk male 18890
sparrowhawk male 18891
tawny owl 18892
tawny owl 18893
tawny owl 18894
tawny owl 18895
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