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Autumn fungi.

Most years I try to spend some time photographing fungi. Over the years I have become a little bored with the traditional view point and almost standard style.

Amathyst deceiver with fungus gnat.

I guess one of my main aims as a wildlife photographer is to look at new approaches and try to incorporate those I like and blend them into something I am happy with. I have been doing this now with my fungi work over the last five years and I am starting to build a body of work I am happy with.

One of the main criticisms I get is that I don't always name the species and in many cases it is difficult to tell which species it actually is. I guess that in many cases now I am not really bothered which species it is because I am simply looking at the image quality, does it deliver what I am aiming to create? I know that this is a bit blasphemous to many but I suspect that it simply reflects the way I am progressing as a photographer.

Fungus at night against poppies projected on Bradfield church.

Puffballs doing what they do naturally.

Dawn in the woods.

Urban fly agaric.

Jelly fungus backlit.

Honey fungus, a more traditional approach.