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Brown bears in Finland - Part Two.

Apart from the cute cubs we were blessed with 2 other family groups of older cubs. These are now over a year old but still, in some cases more than others, firmly cemented to mums presence. Even though they are much older they still roam between the 3 areas in family groups. Older and in some cases braver they still exhibited much of the behaviour traits of the younger cubs which gave us hours of brilliant entertainment.

Other, older bears and some which were clearly full grown adults tended to act independently of each other. Most of the adults were females as the males were roaming the forest in their personal quests for what spring brings naturally to the birds and bees! One male though certainly had his sights on a young female and was present every evening. Its hard at times not to anthropomorphise as this slobbering, huge, dark male relentlessly followed the young female night after night. I don’t know if he had a twinkle in his eye or he simply wore down her resolve but as the nights rolled by she seemed to allow the old codger to get closer!