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Costa Rica, frogs, snakes and the resplendant Quetzal.

Fer der Lance

I guess for me one of the best attractions about photographing in Costa Rica is the incredible variety of available and photogenic wildlife. As someone who has always kept reptiles and bred snakes for many years the attraction of the snakes is a headliner, there are very few trips that offer such beautiful, if deadly serpents.

Eye-lash pit viper

When I think about the stunning frogs, bats and birds, not too mention a few mammals (which I didn't work with on this trip) the variety is certainly incredibly appealing.

This, the last blog of my recent trip to Costa Rica, features the birds and herptiles not mentioned in the first two blogs.

Black vulture

cat-eyed snake

Great curosow

Keel-billed toucan

King vulture

Leaf mimic insect

Owl moth

Parrot snake

female quetzal

Male quetzal, what a stonker!

Rhinocerous beetle

Rufous motmot

Red-eyed tree frog

Strawberry dart frog

Stinkhorn with veil