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Dragons, butterflies and orchids.

Common blue at dusk

Over the last few weeks I have spent far too much time stuck on the computer getting my new book ready for the printers. I thought I was ahead of schedule but as with my last book, the last 5% seems to be taking about 50% of my time, frustrating!

Bee orchid

During this period I have run a couple of small workshops concentrating on orchids and dragonflies.

Common spotted orchid

I have also managed a few days on my own or with a friend working on some species that I have not seen before in the UK (lizard orchid) or improving on some old favourites (bee, common spotted and greater butterfly orchids).

Female emperor dragonfly laying eggs.

I am also trying to brush up on some common butterfly species that I have limited or poor coverage of such as dark green fritillary, which seems to be having a fantastic year in the Peak. There were literally dozens of them feeding in one of the limestone dales a few days ago. Summer really seems to be here now!  

Dark green fritillary

Bee orchid

Male broad-bodied chaser

Greater butterfly orchid

Lizard orchid

Meadow brown

Marbled white