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Weasel project update.

I have been using any spare time over the Christmas period to carry on working on my weasel project.

It has been incredibly slow and many days are complete blanks, but then again, when it does pop its head up, I still get that amazing buzz. The weasel is, I think a female - there are no-tell-tale bulges!

The marks on its chin are fairly characteristic of all the weasels I have photographed over the years. They vary in size and shape but are mostly there. However, I did look at a number of weasel images on the web and not all these had the brown blobs so I guess it's not definitive. I still have a few images I want to work on so I intend to carry on for a couple more weeks.

The bonus so far was the snow. We had a big fall over Christmas, which coupled with the freezing temperatures meant it stayed around for a good few days.