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Rainforest hog-nosed pit viper

Its been ages since I last posted a blog, time stands still for no man, and it has literally flown by this year. This is the first of two blogs about my trip to Costa Rica in January 2019.


I have been on a number of trips this year, and for every trip I have told folk that each was one of the best I have ever had to that destination.

Cat-eyed snake

It certainly seems cliched, and a bit like all those who are selling trips, often too good to be true. However, it is true, weather and species have been better than before, or perhaps I am just mellowing in my old age - who knows!


The trip to Costa Rica relies in part to my ability to find photographic animals. This is something I really enjoy and brings back memories of childhood when I was out catching all sorts of things (not all wildlife!!!).

Leaf-nosed bat

Every night I would spend a few hours out with my selection of small tubs looking for moths, other insects, snakes and tree frogs.


Most of the lodges we stay at have specific bird feeders to attract mainly hummers, a few such as Lagoon del Lagarto have a wider selection of feeders to bring in a varied selection of species.

House gecko

I have always loved this trip because of the mix of big lens and macro work. It is arguably the most varied trip that I have been on in terms of the wide selection of species we find and photograph. In this, the first of two blogs I have shown all the non-bird species we worked with.       

House gecko

Eye lash pit viper

Leaf-nosed bat on wild rainforest fruits

Masked tree frog

Owl moth

Moth pupae


  Tree frog