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Snow buzzards.


Whilst the white-tailed eagles evoked the greatest thrill on my 2 recent trips to Poland I have to admit that the buzzards that cheekily pinched the eagles snap possibly generated my favourite images. I have always had a soft spot for buzzards and their recent recolonisation of most of Britain is nothing short of stunning, and refreshing!

On my first trip there were only 3 buzzards that were putting in a regular shift. However two of these must have been related because they always arrived together and even when there was a plentiful supply of available food near by they would argue the toss over a single bit of meat. This belligerence or probably parental dependency created not only tension but dramatic images.

More buzzards seemed to have got in on the act on my second visit though unfortunately the action was a little less intense. One very noticeable thing was that the eagles clearly didn’t have any warm feelings for the buzzards and even if they would not feed would fly in and scare the buzzies away. The eagles didn’t seemed bothered by the magpies and hoodies when they were feeding, yet these were real pests to the eagles and would tug their tails when they were trying to feed!