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Dawn grebes.

To say the weather has been challenging lately has been a bit of an understatement. As I write this I am staring out at a sea of grey fog which has been firmly in place for 2 days now. I wouldn’t be surprised if flesh eating zombies started to appear!


Last week the weather forecast predicted, at long last, a frosty morning with the promise of sunshine, an opportunity I couldn’t miss. So up with the lark I tried one of several lakes near to home with the hopes that a bit of mist and sunshine might work its magic on a few images. I knew that a pair of great-crested grebes were present and I hoped I might be lucky with a bit of breeding season display. I find it quite rare when all the elements come together but for once this did happen. The grebes were never as close as I hoped so I was always restricted to small in the frame images, though I am a big fan of these generally. However I was quite pleased with the results, particularly the way the rising sun created slanting pools of light through the mist.