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Yellowstone in the fall.

I have just returned from a cracking Natures Images trip to Yellowstone. The last time I visited this iconic park was in winter and I was fascinated to see just how different the landscapes and wildlife looked in lovely autumn colours. The key species we were searching for were moose and elk, both hopefully pumped by testosterone (well the males anyway!) and in the rut.

Each morning we rose before dawn and headed out to the Maddison river where the warm water created fantastic mists in the chilly air. When the sun rose in a clear sky the play of light through the misty air was breathtaking, and if we were lucky, a herd of elk dominated by a fantastic stag roamed and grazed creating amazing silhouettes.

The rest of the days were spent exploring this amazing landscape and searching for other forms of wildlife, bison never failed to disappoint and unlike in the winter a number of birds were present. The diminutive, yet noticeable mountain blue birds were amazing to work with and gave us hours of fun when we became a tadge bored with the bison. Chipmunks were common. Whilst these are small and incredibly fast, they are photographable with patience.

The end of our trip was spent in the Teetons national park and what a fantastic landscape. The autumn colours, particularly the burning sulpher yellows of the trees were superb. Here we again rose early and spent our time searching for moose.

Perhaps we never had the best encounter, and partly this is what drives you to return another time, but we did see a number of moose and had an amazing hour with an adult bull and female plus a sub-adult male.

The light was challenging but the adrenalin certainly flowed as the bull, in full heat, sought his hoped for love-companion, though by her reactions, she seemed to have other ideas on her mind!

The group I travelled with were brilliant, good fun, good humour and supportive whenever I needed it. Thanks to one and all.