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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

It's always great to do well in competitions, particularly if they reward images you have worked hard on. Over the last few years I have been making quite an effort to create a body of work that reflects moods within nature. I am increasingly drawn to the European styles that create images that make me sit up and think, or create a feeling of peace or calm. These images usually have subtle, soft light and are often backlit. The interesting thing is that they rarely sell; the market still demands the ordinary portrait, though some of the action photography seen nowadays can be stunning. I guess I am becoming a little image weary which is not surprising with the huge growth of the web, how we share images and view each others work and the sudden increase in photo competitions. So saying all that navel gazing stuff, its great to find out that I received a HC for this image of ants on the moor after a rain shower in the 'Close to nature' section of the BWPA competition.