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The second blog from my recent trip to Bulgaria.

Silver-Studded Blue

Black-veined White

Whilst I was mesmerised by the stunning apollos I also found the great variety and beauty of the other butterflies we worked with very appealing.

Chestnut Heath

I guess the main thing that really set the trip alight was the relative ease of finding roosting butterflies in photogenic places.

Common Blue

I have looked for them in the UK at the ends of the day but I only find the odd one and that is often hidden down in the tangle of grasses and other plants.

Essex Skipper

In Bulgaria many of the butterflies roost right out in the open, often on some of the most photogenic perches possible. The only snag is that they roost as the sun goes down so often we were working in low light levels.

Essex Skipper pair mating

However, when we found them in the morning we could wait till the first finger's of the sun caressed their closed wings creating stunning light and warmth. The butterflies would now only give us a few minutes before the suns breath warmed the flight muscles into action, but what a few minutes this was.    

Heath Fritillary

Mallow Skipper pair mating

Marbled White

Niobe Fritillary

Scarce Copper

Silver-studded Blue


Southern White Admiral

Spotted Fritillary

Yellow-banded Skipper