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Old school ducks in flight.

Male shoveler

Over the last year or two I have been busy with either running trips or working on one of my projects. The end result is that I have not been spending too much time with stock photography.

Male and female pintail

Generally this is not a problem. However, if I neglect it too much I start to find that I don't have enough new material for a number of customers who tend to prefer the more traditional, less arty style of wildlife photography.

Male wigeon

With this in mind, I have started to spend a bit more time working on a few ideas that will generate images of this type. The first was to improve on my duck in flight work which is starting to look a bit dated.

Male tufted duck

I have now managed couple of visits, when the sun was promised, to a number of wetland reserves. Whilst this style of photography is certainly not new to me, I however found I really enjoyed the challenge and loved the resultant images. There is something spectacular about a duck in flight, especially the males in lovely winter light. 





Flock of wigeon and teal

Flock of teal with a couple of wigeon