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Best of British Birds

I recently ran a long weekend trip to Worcs with Natures Images to work specifically at one farm with 3 different species of birds. I was particularly excited by this trip because we would be spending our times in hides with wild birds, something that I cut my wildlife photography teeth on.

Weather in Britain certainly dominates many of our thoughts and is, or always was a national discussion pass time. This weekend was no different, rain and predicted high winds kept creeping into our thoughts but as with many fickle forcasts the sun god did smile on us in small flashes and the rain god kept his work to the darker hours. The upshot was that whilst at times the dark clouds did role in we all had a fantastic time and managed some really amazing work with all 3 species, little owl, kestrel and kingfisher.

Thanks to Sara, Jeff, Andy, Pete, George, Alan, Keith and Mike for brilliant company and making the weekend great fun.