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Spring birds in Sheffield.


It has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. The long hot summer has somewhat distracted me and I have been spending a lot of my time riding my motorbike, I just can't resist the thrill when the air is so warm, in some ways its like the last bit of freedom left.

Golden Plover

Anyway, I spent a fantastic time this March to May working on my usual spring birds project. For those of you that haven't followed this in previous years its really a bit of a back to basics and a way to photograph in a style that I really enjoy. The photographic crowds that now strangle so many sites really frustrate me, why can't photographers find their own patch and work more subtly? 

Yellow bunting

The idea of this ongoing project is to work locally, within the boundaries of Sheffield, every morning when the light is promised to be good during late March to May.

Sedge Warbler

Each year is different and this, possibly because of the weather being so fantastic, was far more productive from an image point of view, than last. I also experienced many superb, tranquil mornings without another single photographer asking me what I was up to.

Reed Bunting

Over the rest of the summer I have been working on a number of projects, badgers in my garden using a camera trap, British butterflies and reoptage style documenting a number of conservation projects. All these will become blogs over the next few weeks.

Male Stonechat

Lastly I have, fingers crossed, completed my fungi book, 'The art of fungi Photography.' I may have mentioned this earlier but I was scammed by an unscrupulous printer earlier in the year and lost quite a lot of money. It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to have another go, using a different printer.   

Common Sandpiper


Female Wheatear


Golden Plover

Female Linnet

Sedge Warbler

Yellow Bunting